Why does nobody make the best kind of f2p str pure?

Most of you have 41 Attack 64-67 str 52 combat.

You can actually be 40 attack 70 strength 51 combat.

Why not?

because you might as well just make a main because making a pure in free to play areas take so much longer to acomplish any goal. in member worlds, making a pure would be easy because there are so many more advantages, like “rock crabs” for instance. level 13 but with a huge ammount of hp for their level.

next update from runescape.com!

Nice try lol.

^^ but its true :eye-poppi


…-.-…i want to stab you now…

… people actually thought that was a real update? wow, im better than i thought i was :wink:

Because with the 70 strength at level 51 they would have no prayer…

hmm. prayer counts you know.

You hit higher and have more hp without prayer. People at lower lvls without prayer are generally better then people who have 31/25.

When you do vampire slayer for free str exp you get attack exp aswell changing 40 atk to 41 atk.

Just make a Hyrbid. Get 40 attack, 70 strength, 31 prayer, 59 mage, and however many levels up in range. Lets say you had 65 Hitpoints, with all those stats, you would only be a level 56. That would own almost to bad.

Question, should I train prayer to 31 on a str pure with 40 att 70 str?

So you want to protect your scimmy, it must be, because the str prayers wouldnt have much of an effect if your fighting 70 str.

because i like cheese.

lol protecting cheeses lol can u have 80 str 40 attack at 51?

Talking about my pure?

Purecicada-42Att, 67str, 52Cb?
No ones gonna stay f2p all the way.

well im still on the right track and i thought about that once aswell…
problem is while i was thinking about y people do that i was training on atack
lucky i stopped him before he lved it :slight_smile: