wierd boots!! become head

this is not fake!! i was mining essence and then i see ppl faces on their legs!! crazy yo!!


here check it out


after a while it all went away, i asked this guy wht it was and he said it must be my boots and he traded me his boots and they said " leather boo:s" and it had a face on it

its fake

Yo WTF ?!? That has to be fake!

thats stupid, obviously its fake.

it looks like fake

it looks like fake

how dare u name urself ali d after the great ali g u have to earn that name!!!

this has already been said like 10 times, but THAT"S OBVIOUSLY A FAKE


That’s totally a fake.

on a fakeness scale of 1-10 99999/10
its so obvious



Looks fake but I can’t rule out a possibility of a glitch.

i agree with skate dude. its fake looking but!!!it could be a glitch

lol :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: …made me laugh… and ya…i think it’s fake

I think it is fake…

i have to be be honest i dont like it…3/10 :cry:

8O i wouldnt know if its a fake? just look at howmany people have heads hanging on their legs… lol it is funny though :smiley:

YO!!! lol
i didn’t say rate it… and i dont care if u like it coz i didn’t make it!..
i really dont know what this is… has any1 else seen this?
it was on for 2 mins to 5 mins

I da know… It can be fake and it can be a glitch… I can’t really tell that it looks fake… But it also kinda looks like it could be a glitch… I don’t know what to say… But yeah… It looks really weird and funny… If it really did happen, good job getting the screen…