wierd incounders in the world

what is the wierds’t thing that has ever happend to you in runscape.
plz go ahead and post ur replies

Not much…besides a lvl 3 came up and traded me. 28 red MASKS!!! omg it was scary

Nothing weird ever happened to me in runscape.

ok what is the funnist thing that has every happened to you

well then what is the most funniest thing that has happend to you in runescape

i used my pure account and killed a pure mage 3 lvs higher than me and won 1.5m and luckily i won

i was shocked

someone telling me that only nerds play runescape lol funny thing was he was playing it too

Ohhh, the weirdest thing in runescape. That would have to be the time when I first started and heard people selling “kites”. I though they ment kites like you fly

lol that is funny. well about 4 months ago i was part of the dark rebirth clan and we got split up from the main group and every one was fighting this demon and 3 of are clan mabers took off running away then i said cowerds and died . lol

rofl thats funy did you buy 1

when i first started i thoght i was the coolest thing ever theni walked into the wilderness and walk into it so deep i got lost and got killed. lol

People spelled right and used correct grammar… :hyper:

~:crazy: spartan

i would have to say getting owned by a lvl 50 with a relaly high mage range and str lvl lol

lol :smiley:

um … when i first joined i worked really hard to get a rune weapon but only had 10 atk and def

let me think…when I was killed bye 2 lvl 40s when i was lvl 70

Getting a Dragon Longsword at lvl 29 on first day of members?

i would say a level 3 showing me 50mil and owning a level 101 in the duel arena. Im level 69

i know a lvl 29 with full dragon no med or shield. but he has a yellow phat too. and his name is corpselooter.

When people spelled right and used correct grammar.


on RSC one day in Draynor, some guy walked up to a black night, with full inventory and suicided. He dropped bunches, but I didn’t get much, seeing there were about 13 people running for his stuff.