ok…i where on my way to the mossies to train range…
when suddenly…i get a wird green glow around me…
what is that?
screened it.

im fiting mossies now…
they cant hitt me waf.(im 1def)
seriously…ive been letting em hittin me for 2 minutes…

this is wierd…wonder if this works on players to…
if soo…im gonna rule wildy…lol

thats a fake aint it somin like that would be posted on the hompage and your not ment to double post just eddit. just saying some people really dont like it.

i logged out and when i logged back in it waz gone

Nice fake, RS aint got that good Graphics…

He’s right you know. Thats too smothe of graphics for rs. I don’t like when ppl try to pass off fakes as real.

Nice paintshoppin’

lol FAKE!!!

looks like it could be real…but its a FAKE!!!

looks way fake way to good graphics just like maikel said


nice fake but i waz fooled for like 1 sec

i was fooled until like 10 people said it was fake

I was fooled for 5 seconds.:o

it looks real but its not because rs doesnt have that good of graphics.

lol i was fooled until i realized the graphics were too good
nice fake