wilderness in lumby

i was pkin the other day with my mage and som guy attked me. my comp lagged up and then wen i loaded i was in lumby cos i died. i still had the wilderness sign in the bottom right hand corner of my screen and when i right klicked som1 i had an option to attack then! i tryed it on a noob but it said " u cant attack people who are not in the wilderness" heres som screenshots not edited:

these are not fake blessingmonk was with me at the time (diggityfunk)

Ye,I had it to once a time

freaky :?

did u attack anyone?

it didnt let me attk anywon

that would preety kool though if it mested up and allowed u to attack…lol… they probly would not be able to attack back

Cool, I’ve never heard of that happening before. Good idea to take a screeny :).

what the…

wait a min
u no boyz8??

i no him in real life

whend u take the screeny?

kewl! imagine killingsome in full run(g) and he can’t fight back… thst would rock
good job on gettin gscreenie

k i tell u IF IT WAS a fake. im not tellin it isnt but anyway u went to wildy and rightclick on some1 and used prtscn botton u easily copy the options onto a another pic and wen it says u cant att players in wildy u just used mage spell on it very simple and hard to fiqure out!

Its not a fake, I had that happen to me before.

dude it happend to me to it rocks but u cant attack anyone or anything

yea in classic rs your allowed to duel people in llumby. but the have to accpet ur offer. but in rs2 idk y u can attack people.

and every1 how do u make those sigs with like a little guy with full black dhide on and a robin hood hat and a crystal bow or even a guy with full drag?

you go onto image market and find a topic saying somthing like makind buddies for free or reapers avtars and sigs. ( or just pm me)

That would be awesome if you could attack! :smiley:
Heh, I spot a double post.

weird… lol, i’ve never had that happen to me before. it would be kinda cool if it did though…

it was well cool but wen i got to fally my computor lagged again and then i went back to normal. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

LOL, it would be pretty funny if you could attack people cause then you could try and kill all of the scammers trying to scam the new people though they’d just come back in another spot in Lumby so :P… But yeah, good job taking the screens… But yeah, funny and freaky seeing that there’s an option for attacking people while in Lumby… But yeah, like other’s have said… It could probably just be explained as lag or whatever…

when u are close to dying u had a ring of life and u got teleported before dying :o :o :o i know a lot