wildy fun, plz read

i am have been in wildy for ever and i realize something that the chances that you will get something good is less than losing something good because you will run if you see higher player and the another will run if you are higher than him so idecided that i wouldn’t go to the wildy excpet if you give full set iwill fight with you and your clan with it and give it back
(not scam i will give it back in wildy, so if i refuse the whole clan can kill me)
and here is my stats
strenght:60 attack:50 defence:50 prayer: 42 hp:53

im sorry but i didnt understand any of that man…

basicaly, you give me full rune or addy or anything, and i fight with you and after we finish i give the full rune back to you (in the wildy so you can kill me if i refuse)

Im not gonna judge, and i am new and all, but this sounds like a scam.
no offense knight thts just my view…

if you are one person, yes it might be a scam but if in clan it can’t be a scam because all the clan we try to kill me to get their stuff.

i dont blame king cobra!i think this is a scam!!------will2319

:? u could teleport out of there, or u could run to low lvl wildy where they cant att u, oooor u could run out of the wildy if u had enough food… so… sounds like a scam :?