will someone make a sig for me? FOR FREE.

will someone make me a sig. for free???
if you will this is what i want…
for the background:flames
then i want Source19 on it
then quote “Try and Kill me if you dare!”
i want the writing in red italicized words.
and if you will please will you make a buddy? blue armour, sword, kite shield i dont care about the minor details as long as the armour is blue and it has a sword and a shield.
thank you

its hard to get one for free!

i take ur mission FOR FREE

lol this topic went dead so fast when 007even said hed make one…

thanx if you do make it.

or just reply on his topic “Making sigs for free”…makes sense eh?

do u like it? plz like it?

Heres the URL: http://img202.echo.cx/img202/6906/source199ac.png

to big maybe? eh…?

tell me? do u like it source???

that i think that might be too big to fit in the siggys? ahh well it is huge…

yeah…lol, i made the thingy, he can re-size it!

I like it. the only thing i ask you to do is resize it to 300 for leng and like 400 for width. cuz that is way to big. but i like it!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

007even please dont double post. Oh and sigs are not that big. Use 1 that is the size of about mine.

007even please dont double post.

ok, i just kinda got lost… i was so exited about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote:“Oh and sigs are not that big. Use 1 that is the size of about mine.”
I know sigs. are not that big. and no i want one that isn’t as long as yours. :mad:

007even. will you resize the sig, plz. i would appreciate it. thanx.

ill make u an animated one for free

ill make 1 look at my sig store under all my signatures…

thanx. if you make a sig for me i already sent you a pm with the details.