will work 4 money or items

mining=48 i can mine rune essance combat lvl 46 i need work

Get ur mining lvl 2 60 then mine coal that gives u much faster money than mining rune essence

ive done all quests but dragon all i gotta do is kill her.she wont die!!! :frowning:

can som1 plz hire me i need the money i just bought a rune scimmy 40k i got no more money :cry: :cry: :cry:

I buying 5 k essense. How much each?

u should be able to beat the dragon soon i did it when i was lvl 49 but get full addy and rune scimm and food and you should do it easy

i got full rune but cant wear chest yet and im wearin steel chest should i get addy?

Nah dont bother, if ur gonna die when versing the dragon then put keep one extra item in prayer then u will keep naerly all of ur rune. But the most important thing when versing the dragon is to have a full inventory of food ,I took tunas dont take anythig less.

oy rune nice to see u on this site (my comp) is needing fixing so i wont be on for a while if u still go on dis site u may know and if yes tell cat :smiley:

I’m buying iron for 50gp each.
Add me, 1337CoMmAnDo, if you wish to sell iron.
I buy rune essences only for 10gp each…


P.S. - I’m the only person to have not beaten dragon slayer… (Got drag long, rune chain, drag med, ammy of glory, rune legs, and have level 80 combat.)
I’ll probably beat him at level 84, some might guess why… if you know why, feel free to share it :wink:
I’m thinking about ranging the dragon or using magic on it.

hey u need combat training rite?
i pay 30 gp a bone i need 5623 so get all u can
message me in game or on site user is 012795
the more the merrier

Mine 100 coal and i will give you 10k. My name is j 2 the d

if you want to help me i will pay you 50gp each for cowhides. i would really appreciate it. just im me on game and let me know.