Willie91's Free Buddie Shop!


Sorry, but I am closing the buddie shop because it is summer, and I will be very busy. I will be going to galveston then on a cruise a week after. I have alot of things to do. I won’t have much time to do buddies… Sorry


I’d like full rune with dragon ammy and d long, also gold boots gloves and cape

and number 5 backround

Here it is patchster. I made the size 100x100 so some is cut off but barley any. Thanks for using my buddie shop! (I also don’t have capes. Sorry) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddy1.png


i would like a full dragon and abbysal whip and rune boots backround 4

Here you go monkee3333 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddy2.png
Thanks for choosing my buddie shop!


I’m confused about all of this. What backgrounds are there? I don’t see any. If you could, contact me via MSN Messenger, gamerman16@hotmail.com. Thanks.

I’d like background 12, a fighter with rune large, rune kite, rune legs, black dragonhide body, whip, and a skull if possible.
Also if you could, write total at the top, and ownage on the bottom.
Thank you so much.

addy boots also

Also, sorry for 3 posts, but cooking gaunts and either zamorack cape or saradomin cape, whichever one you think goes better

HI willie91 can i get mine with dragon plate, dragon legs, dragon helm, rune 2 hander, An ammy of power, and black wings if possible please. and a blue background if u have it.

Yay! A buddy shop!

What I’m wearing:
White P-hat,
Sara Plate & Legs,
Legends Cape,
White Gloves,
Diamond Ammy,
Granite Maul,
and White Boots.

Green hair please, if possible.

Oh, and background #6.
(If you can, can you make it green?)

If it’s good, I’ll vote “very good” for your poll. =)

Ehh, geez.
I’m 3rd on the waiting list!

how long does this take? I just wanna know. It doest really matter how long it takes though.

Ill have 1 with full dragon, dragon wings and g maul. With background 9. Also could u put Babagame2 in cyan on the top?

Look on Gogeta’s Buddy Shop and I want that buddy. See if you can do better.

Here you go Ilikekatebeck. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddie3.png Sorry it took so long ive been busy. Thanks for choosing my buddie shop.


sanguinius I didn’t have rune2h so I used rune long. Thanks for using my buddie shop. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddie4.png


Here you go crunk monkey. I wasn’t sure if p-hat was party hat. so i did party hat. Sorry if it wasnt. I couldnt make the background green either sorry. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddie5.png


here you go babagame2 I didn’t know what you ment by the writing so I didn’t do anything to it. Sorry. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/bigwillie91/buddie6.png


I have no idea witch one you are talking about edwin. there are alot. Chances are I can do one just about the same though.