Windows Media Player Help.

Well I got up today happy thats it the holidays and I go to widnows media player and I go to library and I clicked one of my songs and they dont play all my 69 Eyes songs and now I have to use Winamp -Shivers-. ): Anyone who is Mr.Technology or Mrs.Technology help? <3

Um… screeny plz?

Just try and highlight and play.


The song you are wishing to play might be configured to just play on Winamp. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.

I never use that god forsaken WMP. Winamp has always been a better media player since it has preset codecs to play almost anything.

Anyway, your file could be corrupted due to harddrive errors. You can just re-download it.

I’m not redownloading 102 songs. x.x