wine of zammarok

wat is wine of zamarok? I picked up and kept it jus in case, but I do want to clear some bank space.

u can obtain it from the chao’s temple north of fally pass the goblin villiage. all da monks will attk u if u try to take it.

u can sel it to members

the chaos temple is the only place u get it in f2p
members buy it for herblore, 1k each
its not rare
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if u want to get the wine, then get rid of all the monks in the temple, then take the wine, but when u take the wine u’ll lik take some minor damage. It’s pretty much useless to f2p…

yer u can get it if u get ur friend to try and take it first, then he runs out, with all the monks following, then u shut the door and take it
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Wine of Zammy is used in ranging potions which are in very rare demand. High herblorers buy for about 300-500 gp because u can either telegrab it or have u and a group of friends slaughter all the monks of zam which is obviously the most fun way. The other herb needed for this potion is dwarf weed. Good luck.

so anyone want to buy it?