wine of zammy

I want to clear something up. wine of zammy is not worth 20k!!! it is the new name for half full wine! You get it when you go to the zamorak alter place, take it get attacked by a billion monks and supposedly the wine. Man i see all these ppl sayin wine of zammy 20k!!! it is not worth that much.

Yeah but they most likely want it in big quantities if they’re willing to pay 20k for each one or…it could be the exact opposite.

wine of zamorak is for a high level potion, and is worth 1k each.
it is not the replacement of half wine, and you are crazy if you think that.

Well… It is work 1.1k+ :slight_smile:

Work 1.1k? anyway Yeah they can go up to 1k on forums if you find a good buyer

really there that much? thats awsome i have a new way to ake money lol…probly take along time to get full inv tho

Wo0tAgE!!! 600TH PoSt

half full wine is worth atleast 30m because its a rare discontinued item, zammy wine is worthless on f2p but worth alot more on p2p lol

wine of zammy isnt even worth 1k i think its just a scam and noobs get tricked into picking it up. so gut tried to get me to go in there lol and im lv 69 combat

i buy wines of zamroak for 900gp each 100-1000 and 1k for 1k+ then resell them to my perm buyer that makes me free laws for it and pays me 1.2k each w00t! But i am not currently hiring workers sorry lol.