Winning Team Saff Offer

This offer is for “runescape players” only!!! We are only accepting the first 20 people that apply to our program. Hurry and be a part of our new program called “winning team”!!! Our “winning team” is a part of the massive online adventure game staff organization. Through this program, you will learn the basics of how the game is put together. We will take you through many inside features step-by-step to show you how runescape items, weapons, and players our made. This program is an experiment for us (runescape staff) to recruit 20 more people. When you become a part of our staff, you will be granted the power to ban accounts (only if necessary, do not abuse the privelage). Your name will appear in a significant color of choice showing your official status. This is the only chance to get into the “winning team” program until we start recruiting again in 2006. We are looking for this new staff to help us with the creation of new characters, quests, items etc.

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Locked! Please?

scam writen all over it