WizzOnline - Huge Summer Drop Party!

Hi everyone,

In the next few weeks i will be hosting a drop party to celebrate the launch of the new runescape fansite called WizzOnline at: http://www.wizzonline.co.uk . Administrators at WizzOnline have been working extremely hard on the designs of the website, but now we’re working hard to organise another one of our popular drop parties.

The majourity of the events that we host are public, however this time i would like the event to be strictly private and for registered users at wizzonline ONLY. Therefore, to view the event details you must register at our website.

Below is a listing of the items that the host (mark4785) is going to drop. Please bare in mind that we will be adding many more items to the drop party list over the next week or so!

Listing of items that are being dropped:

  1. 2 Dragon Medium Helmets.
  2. Dragon Spear.
  3. 1 or more Halloween Masks.
  4. 10 Rune legs.
  5. 12 Rune plates.
  6. 3 Dragon Longs.
  7. Hundreds of Mithril ores.
  8. Hundreds of Adamantite ores.
  9. Thousands of law and nature runes.
  10. 3000+ Raw lobsters.
  11. 1 or more santa hats.
  12. Thousands of mithril arrows.
  13. Cash will be distributed to users that we select. (The host will trade with you if you’re selected).

More items to be added shortly…

WizzOnline - Drop Party Details: (Time,location etc…)

In order to see the drop party details simply go to the following url: http://wizzonline.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3797 . If you’re prompted to log in you will need to create an account by registering. If you have any problems when registering simply contact us live by going to: http://wizzonline.co.uk/helpcentrelive/lh/live_request.php

By making an account on our website or our forum, you’re agreeing to be an active registered users that frequently visits the site. We always advice members of the community to be active because accounts automatally disable themselves after a number of days.

Also, administrators at wizzonline frequently organise events most of the time so we need more users to take part in our events! You can help out by being an active member of our community!

Please note: We can’t change the date,time or the location of this drop party if you can’t make it.

Thank you for reading - Bye for now.

:cool: I will be there

wow sounds big…ill come :huge:

Yeah it really does sound big!!!

im coming!!!

Mark, please don’t advertise your website and make our members register on your site by offering them free things. You are lucky I am not deleting this topic. So if you want to advertise your drop party, give the details out to everyone. Not just those that register on your site.

I smell a sniper20…