woman beaters

this kinda relates to my other topic but…i’ve been in about 20 fights in the past 2 years and more then half of them were because some guy hit a girl, what would you do if you were walking down the street and you saw any guy hit his girlfriend/wife/daughter. In one of my cases my friends dad hit her and i told her if he does it again just call me and i’ll come and get you and stop him, well the next day she called me and i ended up at her house tryin to pull her dad off of her so i could get her outta the house and i ended up with a bloody nose lip and got the air knocked outta me a few times but i got her out and she moved in with her grand mother after that…would you have done the same thing or let her live with and get beat by her dad?

If any of you know me, which many of you do. You would know that I don’t take crap from anyone. This also tends to go along with if a girl is being hurt, I don’t take crap from anyone. I almost got suspended for helping a girl. We were at some dance, and this guy was treating a girl like crap. So I walk up and push the guy out of the way, and he punches me. He pushes the girl out of the way, and picks up a chair. He hits me with the chair and breaks my left arm in 3 places. I then punched him in the face and he went down. The teacher then expelled the kid, and I almost got suspended but since it was for helping a fellow student I only got detention.


I can’t say I’ve ever done anything like that, but I would’ve dont the same thing. I’d rather get the crap kicked outta me than just let someone get bet up, especially if it’s a dad beating his daughter. Or son, for that matter.

my girlfreind and her dad had the same problem, her dad would beat her up, and one time i came over and i found her dad raping her, i called the cops and now hes facing 43 years in jail…serves him right…muliple charges of rape and child abuse was charged on him

I would do the same thing in both cases (IcedEarths and HellsRival) Hitting a girl is cowardly and very low. I can’t think of anything more dishonerable, besides beating children and murderers…

Man… And I thought I lived in the bad part of town… :stuck_out_tongue: Acutally, I’ve never been in a situation where a guy was beating a girl or anything… The closest thing that comes to that was when I was like 3 or 4 and I was like the spawn of Satan when I was little… I was at my cousin’s house and they had stairs that stopped and turned half way up… So I’d try to have fun by jumping off of that part of the stairs and of course I eventually got bored and decided that it would cure my boredom if I could try and knock off an antique vase off of a table not too far from where I was jumping… I don’t know how long it took me but I did it and the vase obviously broke… Shattered into a million pieces and I’m sure my uncle paid a lot for the vase… So he takes me into the living room and tries to spank me for what I did… I think I did a lot of things to terrorize my uncle… (I didn’t like him back then… We get along now though…) So, one of my cousins who’s a girl tried to protect me while my uncle tried to punish me… He didn’t hit his daughter or anything but while she was pleading for my “innocence”, I just laughed and thought the whole thing was funny… Hehe, my parents spanked me SOO hard when we got back home… When I look back on that, I feel like I should have gotten the crap beat out of me… Believe me, I wouldn’t hurt people but I’d break stuff for fun and laugh at the people while they were crying over their broken stuff… Though I got punished a lot… I regret doing those things but back then… I had the mind of a spawn of Satan… Sorry that my story was unrelated… Hope ya liked it… BTW, all of your stories were very honorable and courageous… Helping a helpless citizen in need… I toast you on your chivalrous deeds…

it al depends on the person

I think anyone who does that is just so freakin stupid. I get mad at a lot of things but when I really get ****** its when i hear a case from someone beating/shaking/hurting kids. I mean how dispicable for god sakes.

P.s. If someone is really like beating someone its bad. But when its just a couple of smacks i hate it when you cant do anything. There should be no tolerance for it.

P.s.s I think you did the right thing

You gotta love adrenaline and the love of saving people. If it wasn’t for that, I would have collapsed from the shock of my armo breaking in 3 places. My elbow, wrist, and upper arm.

ya adrenilin helps alot especially when your helping someone…i remember one time i was walking down the boardwalk(i went on vacation with a friend) and this guy slapped a girl across the face so i went up to him and(i had roller blades on at the moment and my friend was carrying his) well in the end one of his friends like held me and my friend was hit with his own skate and i had to stand there and watch her get beat and i couldnt do a thing…it was one of the worst feelings ever to know that thats happening right in front of you and you cant do a d*** thing

Oh… That sucks… I’m sorry you had to watch hellsrival… Yeah, adrenaline helps for one other thing… Running for your life when your uncle sics his dogs on you… Of course I was only three and the dogs were all over me when I fell over… Believe me, I got this cause I deserved it… I don’t remember what I did but for what I did, I deserved to get attacked by dogs :P…

That would have pissed me off so much. Knowing me, at that exact time, I probably would have gotten away from the dude holding me down and kicked his ass. Then I would have grabbed the skate and used it to beat the other guy senseless.

trust me i tried that but i was 14 at the time and he was prob 18-21 years old i did get one good kick in though right in the groin :lol: but that didnt help it just pissed him off and made him punch me twice as hard in the chest…and another bad thing about it was that people were just walkin by and they didnt say nething!!! wat kind of person would do that?

In this day of age, people are too afraid to do anything. They think doing one thing could get them sued, even if it is helping someone.

ya…i dont really worry about that though because in the state of Pennsylvania(where i live) they passed a law saying anyone who is in a fight whether if it is self defense or not is getting sued(how gay is that i meen ocome on its self defense) wow thats really off topic…but ya i dont care about gettin sued its only money…id rather lose that then lose my dignity

and another bad thing about it was that people were just walkin by and they didnt say nething!!! wat kind of person would do that?

Trust me… If you’ve ever been to NYC or Korea… You’d see a lot of that… The police in Korea don’t even care if there’s a fight on th street… But then again, people in Korea acutally join into a fight just to fight when there’s a fight rather than just walking on or calling the police… It’s weird but oh well… And I mentioned NYC cause I mean… It’s New York… You wouldn’t have that if you were in the South… (Can’t count Florida… No offense but they just don’t count as a Southern state…)

Here is the law, if you get attacked by someone, if you wait for them to hit you 3 times before hitting back. You can’t get sued for battery. After 3 hits, it is considered self-defense and the U.S. law says you can’t get sued for that. If you fight back before the 3rd hit, then depending on if that guy is educated or not they can sue you.

Unless it’s a celebrity… Frankly, celebrities can now sue for anything these days… Such a sad world but oh well… I mean, how else do you think Britney Spears got out of being sued for having her mother run over one of the paparazzi’s and then have her crying like a baby to make people think she’s innocent… The fact is, she is not… It was just all a gimmick so people would think that it wasn’t a bit of her fault… I bet she wanted her mom to run over that paparazzi…

alright well thats just a lil off topic…

It was? I was just saying cause there are people who try and get out of getting sued… It’s cheap but there are people out there who deny being in those situations… It sucks that justice can’t always be brought down to the people who did those horrible deeds but… Ok, now I am going way off-topic… Usually, I would see someone go and try and help a girl if their getting beaten for no reason… But it doesn’t happen much and I do agree that people should step up and help those who are in need of immediate help instead of just standing there and saying “Wow, that girl is getting beaten senselessly and I’m just standing here like an idiot and watching the girl get beaten… Should I just stand here thinking if I should help her or not until the event has ended or should I go in there and help her?” and by the time the guy decides, the girl is laying there half dead and the guy who beat her long gone… Sad, cruel world we live in today…