wont be on much anymore

i have been given a mod position on sirjacobs fourm this to me is a very serouis position and i will be putting alot of my time into it but il still talk to you guys(an gals)


good luck mate

thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, good luck there :P, and don’t forget to visit good ol’ RSR.

~ ewok

See ya, we will miss ya here. Try to stil get on. Also, sorry for not replying earlier.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha cough cough ha ha oh your being serous oh well… erm sniff well er maybe

Yeah I’ll miss ya, I hope you come to visit. Have any of you noticed I havent ben posting as much latley either? :open_mouth:


Actually today and yesterday you’ve posted quite a lot.

Good luck with modding grp-ranger.

Yeah…im just trying to keep with my average posts a day thingy, but I havent ben posting as much latley. The 2 days before that I didnt even post.

Hmmm. I don’t think they have the actual average posts per day statistic any more but I understand. I remember Geminiman’s was 37 a day!!!

Wow…Thats alot per day, considering how long and detailed his posts are. Mines only like 9 posts a day…Whitch is actully pretty sad.

Hmm… Where do I find out how many posts I make a day? Lol also have fun being a moderator on the WWE forum grp-ranger!.. Finally, I asvise all of you wrestling fans to go check out the forums started by sirjacob! :slight_smile:


Click your name on one of your posts, click view public profile, and it will say your average posts a day, you can see other peoples too.

Thanks Foob… Also I have 23.49 posts per day! Lol

P.S: Is a referral good or bad?


Best of luck being a mod… and I hope everything goes well, see you around :slight_smile:

Btw, I think referrals are good, considering you got people to join this site…