Woodcutting problem...

:? lol, im trying to reach lvl 60 woodcutting, and ive been cutting oaks now for 3 days in a row :oops:… im powercutting, but id like to know how did u guys reach lvl 60 woodcutting…?? :?

lol fun fact is, ive had about 5 drunken dwarves in 3 days of woodcutting… :smiley:

for u i would cut willows in draynor they are right next to a bank and are real fast xp ;-p

i have 70 wc now!
if u can cut willows then cut them next to draynor village. Right next to the bank! and store them in the bank which is very close to u.
Also if u are still cutting oaks and can’t cut willows yet then go to fally and cut oaks there and then sell them at the general store to ur west. Cut willows if u can!! they give alot of exp.!!!

:? i thought powercutting oaks was faster and easier? oh yes i forgot to mention my current wc lvl, its 52 now :lol:

Nah willows is way faster xp for ur level 8)

if u need money than cut them in draynor villadge
if u need fast xp then cut them near Port Sarim
and burn them strait away :smiley: so u get to rais
2 skills without any problems 8)

:? ive been cutting willows now… and i still think oaks are faster xp… :cry:

Yeah, I saw from a few RS help sites that oaks are faster exp overall cause it’s a lot easier to get… Sure willows give more exp per log but you don’t get those logs nearly as fast if you’re below level 60 or so from what I’ve heard… Some sites just say to switch over to willows after you reach level 60… Again, this is from what I’ve heard and seen on sites… Correct me if I’m wrong…

:? well, actually the willows take about 2 minutes to get a full inventory… im just very impatient, because the oaks took only 1 minute…

u can cut oaks 2x as fast and and get alot more exp. from it

ok this is what i have learnt and im lvl 75 woodchopping. to get to 99 woodchopping which im trying to do cut oaks untill lvl 75 then cut willows till 99. you ask why u dont cut willows before 75. the anwser is simple just because you can chop em dosnt mean u should oaks and willows only get easier when u chop as where maples yews and magics stay hard. so for u keep choppin oaks. my advice is to chop near varrok west.