Where is a good place to train on cutting Oaks and banking them at? (F2P)

Not many good places to cut oak without walking far to a bank! Wouldnt know how to help but there is a spot near lumbridge, or try fally!

umm… right outside fally is good. Theres some to the left of the north entrance.

varrock east

That place isn’t that good. They only have like 2 or 3 oaks. The rest is regular logs.

Fally, they have like 20 of them and its a short walk!

That’s what I said, and yes it’s a very short walk.

There’s some in Lumby. You can cut oaks, when you get a full inventory, sell them to the General Shop and keep cutting oaks or something like that, I heard that from someone. There’s also a few oaks around Draynor Village quite close to the bank.

ya i found the ones at draynor is close to the bank