woodcutting is fun u should try it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

no its boring to me lol

ya its fun maybe not spam about its fun

useless topic

Me, being 85 woodcut wouldnt recommend it.


hmmm…woodcutting you say? well its kinda fun…unlike spam like this… :stuck_out_tongue:

wood cutting is alright… i stopped cutting at level 74 =( Just one more level… Oh well sooner or later I will get around to that.

I doubt a noobie poster of your level has 74 wc NOOB!

This is spam - But its alot of fun cutting then selling 500wilows for 20k+

um you do relise he shows level 90 in his sig

its not about posts its about what you do in the posts ya make that counts

say guy who makes dumbest topics of rsr…abby longsword g…lol

and look at his sig before you call any1 a noob…and hes a noobie poster? eh ur double posting in every thread so keep it down man…

how do you know he isn’t 74 wcing, because he has 2 posts?

agree see my "money post for more thoughts about lukejames

Spam what a gay topic

lol this was my first post ever im kinda new here