Woohoo, finally got full Mime :)

lol awesome! congrats!

congrats to u NETzERO

Thx…I’ve been waiting for that stupid mask for a while now :stuck_out_tongue: Lol.

lol im waiting for every pat of the mime suit! i only have glass wall emote…but gratz to u

Congratz on getting Full Mime… I haven’t got a single piece of Mime myself…

I’ve gotten all mine in the same place, hobgoblins next to crafting guild. I went there today and the first random I got was that mime :stuck_out_tongue:

Off to hobgoblins! lol, are u serious though u got em all right there?

Yupp, same for like 90% of my genies.

hmm interesting ill go try training there now. see if it works for me :slight_smile: thnx.

Good luck :smiley:

what were you doing and where were you when you got your mime?

lol this topics pretty old…NETzEROs still banned from RS right? hes like never on RSR anymore…

Congrats man !

I need too know well where were you when you got your mime?

oo ok…i was wonderin how he got full mime if he said he quit rs…

ohh well…congrats anyways net…im still waiting for legs and gloves…

please tell me!!

where were you when you got your mime?

also he already answered where and what he was doing when he got the mime cus i asked him.

heelo where were you pleaase tell me?