im bcomin member fur xmas!!! WOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

so am i do u want a medal eheh

hey thats mean!! i meen iv been playin fur 3 yrs and im FINALLY bcomin a member

3years!!! Please tell me you have another account, cause i’ve been playing for like 3 months, and i’m much higher than you :lol:

Well congratz on becoming a member and I hope ya like it.

well 1 day!

mayb ure the first one from dubai to bcome a member eh?

and how can u have played fer 3 yrs if ure only lv 59???

Hey guys just be nice to him its christmas if he whats to be a member he can be 1 aslong as his parents say so

i’ve been playing for 4 months an im only lv29!!!1

Congratulations on becoming a member! I hope you enjoy it.

ive been playing for like 2 1/2 months but i train like theres no tomorrow

congratulations on being a member also

congratulations on being a member also

Lol theres no tomoror

don,t triple post

venom, ill say the same to you, there is an edit button, you could have added that into your main post

grats on becoming a member, but seriously, 3 years and ur lvl 59?! im only a 3 monther (the account is nearly a year old, i didnt like classic) and im 55…

sorry about that my comp lagged and pput the same thing twice it was a total accident

Congrats, being a member is soooo much fun. I have been playing for about 4 months and i am lvl 70… you probably have a life outside of runescape lol.

I’m becoming a member tommorow, too…

you can delete your own posts you know…