well yay i finally got members today YEAHHH!

a couple of questions!

  1. What quests should i do first?
  2. where should i train…im 51 cbat 40 attack, 44, str, 44 def

and also i met the posty guy

here is teh piccy

go to rock crabs and just train there untill 60 attack and strengh and def if you want, then do lost city and get yourself a d long. Congratz on members!

where are rock crabs\

rock crabs are north from rellekka…

dont train def any higher than 50 or 60, unless you want barrows then only train to 70, if you want a good combat lvl

get 60 atack
rasie member skills
do member quest
make money :slight_smile:

that is what i planned to do i just want to know what quests i should do

congratz on members :smiley:

rock crabs

grand tree, tree ghome village, waterfall quest etc :smiley:

gratz with emmbers i got mine on friday =)

nice welcome to members

ok thanks ill make sure i do those quests