woopeee then.. poopeee

:smiley: :slight_smile: I was in the bone yard looking for some bones, when i found these two ppl that was lvl 71 and 67. They teamed up on me and attacked me first so they had skulls, but i didn’t. I almost got a rune scimmy until, poopee hit me. I had no more food and guess what? I STARTED TO GET OWNED!! And so, the good news is i didn’t die =)! And in the end, the guy said i was pretty good and asked me to join his clan! :slight_smile: :smiley:

You must have had a tonn of food on you to last that long. Congratz.

The name of this topic is really retarded, but congrats.

Awsome,Well you got a new cvlan and a new friend I guess.

Ya, congrats on surviving and making a new friend/being appointed into a clan… Although, the title is pretty… Weird… (Kinda like me…) :?

Thats pretty funny, what clan was it that you joined?

YES geminiman you are wierd :slight_smile: but its the good kind of wierd (like shiny quarter wierd) anyway…i like shiny quarters!!!

P.S Im wierd too in case ya didn’t notice :):):):):):):):):):):slight_smile:

I’m weirder… I like cheese… :idea: … Sorry… I still like how you titled them woopee and poopee…

Good job on your new clan

im the weirdest…i am really…i cant ever shut up…i take to long to talk to ppl…i like cheese too!..i like to see cows eat grass…and thats weird!!!

So? I saw an airplane and there was an old rotten cauliflower in my trash can… Did I also mentioned that I washed the car and watered the feicus? Sorry for being off topic… Again… Congrats on getting invited to the clan…

wow u r lucky u didnt die, and u got a new clan too.
and, alas, i am the weirdest. i once set my pool on fire!!!
sickmate 8)

You think that’s weird? I used to find it fun running across the street and dodging the cars while cars were going by 40+ miles an hour… But then that ended tragically as I got hit… I kinda deserved it but oh well… (This was when I was like 4… I’m not that crazy now… Or at least I don’t try to show it… Unless my classmates in psychology decide to be too friendly to me…)

Come on people, stay on topic!

At least your story had a happy ending!

Hahahaha, well, staying on topic, congrats about the clan and survival, too bad about the scimmy doe, and off topic, men! no question, Geminiman is the weirdest! dodging cars, rofl :o

Hahaha… I win… Thanks Redgar… Sorry infiltrator4 about that though… Yeah sorry about the rune scimmy… That’d had been worth getting attacked for and not having to attack them back… But yeah… Good job though…

does it say anywhere about what level you are? and its very rare to not get killed :slight_smile: