Woot 1200 total check out my stats....

This is the stats for shadowpoisen rate them please… Woot 1200 total…

gratz on 1200 total u shud go for 1337 be4 lvl 90…
and u shud raise some of ur combat stats

I know. I just got range from 55 to 60 then started fletching. Got 1200 by accident. I was crafting nats to alch my yew longs and it said “Congratulations you just advanced a runecrafting level” I was like WWWWWWOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!

Well very well averaged. Im lovin’ the total, combat, and qp’s. I hate quests. :confused:
I’d rate: 9/10

nice stats get 55 slayer since your almost there
stats 8/10

wow congrats

lol i just got past 1200 total(which is really bad for my cb lvl)

anyways congrats and good luck getting you lvls up

Thank you. And yeah I want to level up slayer. I will level range in the process of that, and I plan on doing a ton more quests pretty soon.