woot 60 attack

ii finally got 60 attack

Congrats! Now U ARe able to weild the power Of DRAGON!!

Dang. You stole my line! Now I’ll have to spam. Congrats anyway.

Lol Woo! I stole Skates Line!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you well it took a long time cuz my internet has been down and i haven’t been playing in a while.

you havnt updated your sig for a while i see

ya ill have to make one ill do that now.

Yea update da signature lol… You probably have MUCh better stats and things now. Also, congratz on being able to weild the “power of the dragon!” Ooooo :smiley:


Congrats, ive heard dragon weapons are powerful, i wouldn’t know for myself cause im f2p. :frowning:

i made it but i still need to put it on.

Congratz. I remember when i got 60 attack… i was soo happy… i was soooo happy…

~:crazy: spartan

yeah im glad now im gonna work on making lots of money.

oo…congrats…now try for 70 attack…for the barrows weps=)

let me get my strength up first.

and some money and quest points.