Woot 65 firemaking

Yay i got 65 firemaking after burning 4k willows…i got around 400k xp for firemaking…now i can light mining helms

congrats me myslef have only 40 firemaking

i will there soon i got like 4k till fire making 64

good job

Great!! Now what are you going to do with it?

Though I’ve seen someone with 71 Firemaking. Nice.

Where were you when you took that pic??

The lvl 31 firemaker… :slight_smile:

BTW: thats over 70,000gp that those logs were worth :smiley:

Wow, thats a lot of logs, How long did it take?


Nice I only have 60 firemaking but that’s all f2p needs…

omfg wow… firemaking the most pointless and boring skill ever!
anyways nice lvls

Gratz! firemake is a pain in the…butt

Took me about 4 hours and it was worth around 190k

whats so gr8 about mining helms again?

61 firemaking here–not bad. I’d get mine up, but I’m not a member, I’d have no reason for raising it.

congrats on 65 fm but fm is kinda useless in most cases

I dont know i wanted to light the mining hat…and it mayb pointless but i dont care if it give me 400k exp…