Woot! Level 60 attack!

It took me awhile but i finnaly got it And i bought the d long today too…i hit 15s with it :slight_smile:

Congrats! Now U Shall Experience The Power Weilded In Your Hand, The D Long! (ooooo! Ahh!!) :slight_smile:

Its not as good as i expected…

Yea…I guess…I Think

What do you mean by that? I can only hit 15’s with the freaking d-long and the special isn’t accurate…And i worked a week earning 5 atk lvls doing lost city ( took me 25 mins lol) getting the money for it…and it took me forever. Now i just feel like the drag long is just retarded…I blew 5 week of perfectaly good summer for nuthin…

Wow congrtaz, its always good that u can use d weapons, really helps, but thats kool, when i got to lvl 60 att i didnt get the special You Can Use Dragon Weaponry screen…its like the game was unhappy that i got to 60 :frowning:

Aww maybe the game was having a grumpy time that day… :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well lol, and congrats on getting lvl 60 attack! The dragon longsword isn’t that great, I know, but like one day just get the requirments for the Heroe’s quest, do that, and sell your lnog and then get a battleaxe! It’d be worth it mate lol


nice…try to get the dragon scimmy, the best dragon weapon by far

Hmm I know scimmys are really good weapons… But like what’s so good about the Dragon one? Just wondering :slight_smile:


it’s extremely fast and powerful…i have hit consecutive 19s many times…perfect for pking and dueling…oh yea, it has a nice special too

Congratz! I think that every member has to aim for 60att for using d weapons lol

Congrats, i just got 60 attack and defense, but im f2p. :frowning:

Darn you always do this to me!

Anyway, congrats on the 60 attack and I hope you enjoy the dragon weps.