Woot..! look at this member

look! A lvl 5 member with dragon med helm…!!


p.s This is my first screenshot so I hope it will work…

That’s a halloween mask…


redwraith is right that is a mask either started when they were dropped and has just come back or got it frm ebay or has a rich main

that is not dragon med.its a halloween mask

Oh, well, guess i’m wrong… I didn’t know it… anyway, How did you know? It really looks alike…

It’s still worth a bit of money, just not as much.

lol…a lvl 5 can’t have lvl 60 defence :stuck_out_tongue:

that probably isnt his main, or he doesnt do combat.
sickmate 8)

yea, that is a halloween mask not a dragon helmet. And if he had one(which costs alot) he couldn’t wear it because the requirments are 60+ defense

Yeah that’s exactly right… Also we could tell because Halloween masks stick out like more in the front white Dragon Medium helmets are just kinda flat in front lol.

actually the red haloween mask is double the price of the dragon med… more than double… its like 4,2mill white the dragon med around 2 mill

woot… they cost alot…

the drag helm looks like a red med with little white horns
and the halloween kinda looks like a dragon head, and theres no spots to see your face, it looks kool when u talk to a computer, u looks like a devil

they dont look alike really

dude that is a halloween mask… if u thought that it was a d helm then u need to look at more pics of various armor.
And a level 5 could not possibly wield a drag med.

**** walloper

omfg thats a mask u noob :loser:

No flaming on these boards scowl

Lol that is a halloween mask!!! Dude wat lvl are you?

k guys i think he gets it…