wootage!!! look wat i have!!!

is this sick or wat?

Did someone put that in the chest?

You invetory pic looks fake to me…

ya. someone actually put those in the chest. i pulled the lever and about 5 baloons later i got it!!!

It’s fake, for one thing, there’s no icons for the control area, and some things got cut off I believe.

that picture looks fake the items dont look alined right

Thats exactly why I thought it was fake…

wow u got a keen eye! its the first fake i ever did! isnt it pretty good?

inventory is pasted there
no icons
backround for it is wrong its just poor quality
items arent in line
where are all the other ballons?

LOl, the whole inventory is slanted…and you can see the great axe is like out of the box…

its not fake its just someone elses inventory picture

Not bad, here are some tips:

[li]When you face your character the map on the upper right corner should face the opposite way they are facing so you can view their face.
[/li][li]Use menu item icons
[/li][li]Place the items in a place where it would seem the same as in runescape so its barely noticeable.

Other than that its a nice try, keep up, and I’m sure you’ll get better :slight_smile:

nice fake put icons if you want your fake to look better

It’s good, but no icons, it makes it look stupid…No offense .

that is the worst…“good” fake i’ve ever seen…

actually i had to get rid of the icons because imageshack thot it was too big. o ya i forgot to tell u all, I made that fake. i was just making it then i wanted to put it on my frends stupid account that he copied from me. i was at his house (right next door to mine) and went on his account.

wow…thats errr…nice…try…not

how would the icons be too big? they take up the same amount of space unless you’re referring to pixel space…but imageshack carries almost an invisible amount of pixel space allowment.

worst fake ive evr seen lol even if it is ur first

yah, you just copied another inventory and pasted it in yours, u can see the box still in it …lol…

No, that sucks even for a first. You obviously payed no attention to detail or the items would be placed exactly where they would be, and there wouldn’t be seams on the edge or your inventory. Doing that really wouldn’t have been hard either :P.

It doesn’t require a keen eye to spot something made by a 13 year old like you.

Are you friggin kidding me? OMFG.