Word is..I'm a scammer

This was so funny I had to screen it and share…

Well it’s true! Skate is as smart as an ant, and that’s why we listen to him. :smiley:

soooooooo whats this about?

Ok then… two things

  1. prove it

  2. tell skate to challenge me to Scrabble, 1000k stake, if he is so smart.

O.0! Keyser is not a scammer.

lol Keyser520 a scammer that would be a huge shocker lmao

So that’s how you got all those rares…I knew there was something fishy about you.

Gee, thanks for the support flop calls up network of hitmen

lol i would watch it keyser has the money and power too have every rs bounty hunter hunting for you in wildy

Lol… The “Unknown” Keyser. :slight_smile:

Who said we were talking about the rs world there…?

keyser is kool he wudnt scam!

My plan is working perfectly, Soon everything will be in place. Watch it Keyser, I’m coming to save the world from you!!

Thanks, Pinky, but it’s far too late for that.

yes Keyser is a scammer! at pool… <_<

ROFL, skate should know not to get on keysers bad side :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm…Minikiltman, do I need to call the hitmen on you as well?

How did I know you were going to post that…

Telepathy, I suppose?