Work in progress, please rate.

Yes, I already made a topic on this a long time ago, but there was no reaction, so here goes:

I’m writing a novel, kind of a sequel to H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. Sure, it might lack imagination, but I really love that book, so what the heck. I’ve started workig on it, just thought I’d put at least the prologue of it up, and get some reactions.

They watched.
With greedy eyes they observed us once again as we went about our daily business, aware of their presence, but unaware of their full strength.
They watched us as we cultivated our planet, and at the same time wantonly abused it. They became nervous as we slowly killed our planet, and began to plot faster. This may have been humanity’s saving grace, as they made mistakes in their planning, mistakes that may have saved mankind.
They watched as we did our business, and fretted over small, petty issues, unaware of the calamity that awaited us.

And then, in the year 2014, they packed their machines of war, more terrible than ever before, into small capsules.
They sent these hurtling off towards the earth, to sow the seeds of destruction once more.
But this time, we would not be underestimated. We would be annihilated.
For they had to have victory. And would not rest until they did.

It’s short, but hey, whaddaya think?

Not bad man, post a lil more so we can start judging the content, btw man, nice topic u decided to continue, this is a classic!

As soon as I get a little further, I’m gonna put this on freewebs or somethin and put a link up to it. It’s gonna be good!

And since it’s been about 80 years since the original, I’m gonna kick the martian technology up a notch. :wink: 8)

Kinda cool, but a bit short. The LOTR prolouge is like 40 pages lol…

~ ewok

The original didn’t even have a prologue. Heh… :roll:

I’m not very good at drawing things out.

I like your version better, i never read the LOTR prolouge…

~ ewok

It’s a good story to start on. PM me if you want to talk about stories and literature ideas.

I love it… When its done let me read it.

Well, here’s a slightly extended version.

(It’ll get better than this, I promise.)

Wow! It is Fantatstic. Keep it up, I love it so far. I will help as well if you get stuck on anything or want an outside source to edit it. If you want my email just pm me.

It’s good. But not as good as the original.