Working For Granite Maul I Specialize In Many Skill Jobs!

yea i really want a granite maul :frowning: unfortunatly i dont have 1.3 million in my pocket and i really really really want one for pking so i can fish smelt mine cook fletch cut craft for you heres my list
i can fish you lobsters and swordfish name the number of fish for the maul and you have it
i can smelt up to mith bars so far so thats it
i can mine you mith ore and below anything of that ore
i have 65 cooking
i got 55 fletch so i can make u as much unstrung bows as you want
i can cut up to yew trees so far
i can make up to ruby ammys and enchant
and i can string bows or get hides for you

please post on here to any jobs concerning theese skills or any job u need for a granite maul im realy desprete :frowning: