world 61 offline!!! (and i was on wen it went down)

world 61 went off line and now i cant get back on it just say im log on and 2 wait for 60 secons.
any 1 no y!!!

probably jush screwed up, everything lags somtimes

#1 have u tried a different world? dduuuhh!!!
#2 i tried it once just for fun and it just said connecting to server (obviosly it never did) :wink:

That happened to me once too. You should try these in this order. 1. Choose a different world. If that does not work go to #2. 2. Re-start your computer. #3. Do something else for a little bit. #4 and if it still continues after you have done all of these things then contact jagex about it.

ohhhhhhhhhhh so that is why it wouldnt work i thought it was just my comp being stupid again

i restarted my pc and it works again.

Good you got it working again :). I would hate it if that ever happened to me.

It’s down. Well thats ok with me cause i don’t play on world 61. Either 15-20-19-10 or 1 (1 is for selling)