World Builder- Fun stuff!

For all you mac addicts out there…

I recently found a little piece of free software out there released at the dawn of the internet as freeware. It’s called World Builder. It allows you to mak an adventure game with characters, weapons, scenery, battles, etc. Really fun, but to be good at it you have to be able to draw things well with computers. But you start to get better as time progresses.

Sorry, it only works for mac, and so do the games made with it, but it’s fun anyway! Small file and really fast to get started. And free!

“Unofficial” site:

Heh… Some Mac only games acutally tend to be really fun… There was a big thing where Space Velocity Nova (Or whatever it’s called) was a big deal around my school and everyone wanted to play it… But World Builder sounds pretty cool… Too bad I don’t have a mac…

does any1 know about one of these for windows if so plz pm me

i hate mac there slow