World Cup Qualifers : England V Azerbaijan

As You know, in 2 days time England will be facing Azerbaijan… Post Here for who you will think who will win.

Yay! England 4-0 N .Ireland.

In My Opinion, England will win this!

Not everyone likes football you know? (or soccer if you’re American). I reckon… 6-0 England.

Go England! I’m American but I don’t really care for our football (soccer in america) team.

England for sure, my team Poland beat Azerbaijan 8-0 the other day! haha and England beat Poland so yea…

Loads of ppl supporting for England… I Would say 5-0 to England

5-1…We’re gonna win anyway, imagine losing to Azerbaijan lol…

~ ewok

Lol, Yep you got that one right, England are gonna win no doubt.

Azerbaijan so bad, they might lose 450-0. j/k
I was kidding, please no insults for ppl who like Azerbaijan