World of Warcraft on PS2!

Lol… when will I stop?

nice fake jolio 9/10. Did you draw the picture? or is it from the game or something?

holy poop thats nice! Nice one jolio

ye i liked the grimreaper game better kinda

oh and my avvys one of ur pics too :smiley:

o.o u never heard of world of WARCRAfT?! dude… ur sooo young… nyways… it’s nice but, the troll, orc, tauren ans forsaken (aka undead) don’t look really horde-ish… (like me a tauren sez /moo) :cheerful: but it’s cool… but iI just disagree with the style of da horde chars… and add pandarens an blood elves at the next one :wink:

I don’t know when you’ll stop, lol. Rated ‘M?’ Aww, I can’t get it =( Lol. Oh well, I don’t have ps2 anyways. I love all the game covers you’ve made, awaiting more!
~Dama :meditate:

well ur going all out on those game boxes…arent you
spanks jolio with a game box

I’m doing it to spite Kuju.

I’m showing that it was a mistake to send me a fake job offer.
I’m letting them know what they missed - and who they tricked…

They’ll be sorry that they tricked me.

No offense, but they are very irratating now.

Ok ok… I’ll stop now…

of course ive heard of world of WARCRAFT… i was just wondering if he had drawn the picture thats on the cover

No, no its not :wink: I think it is better than sarp art. This thing that Joliojoilo drew actually takes time… :slight_smile:

hahaha i love that game 9/10!

Prolly never :wink:

WoWs rated M? And i rate 9/10 =)

wow really nice jolio!

9.9/10 because a mod say nothing is 10/10.

Woow, Warcraft owns runescape! add me im Payday

that looks really good
a great pic for picture for a ps2 cover. jg

uve done it agian nice :wink: