World of Warcraft

So who here plays WoW? I recently got back into it after about a years break. Having a blast and even started my own guild! I play Horde on Mal’Ganis. (U.S.)

If anyone used to play WoW and is maybe thinking about coming back, I could use a scroll of resurrection on you. You get seven days of game time, a free level 80, a free server/faction change, and your account is automatically upgraded to Cataclysm for free. It’s a pretty sweet deal and I took advantage of it on one of my old accounts.

People still play this game? Jesus lol. Everyone I knew quit already. After Cata came out and they started giving away gear for free it stopped being fun. WOTLK was pretty terrible, but at least still playable.

I’ve played WoW off and on since 2005. I think I’m finally done, especially with the Pandaria expansion. I’d love to come back, but the whole atmosphere is way different.

This. I mean, if the game was Vanilla, BC or honestly even WOTLK I’d still be playing.

I think Pandaria actually answers a lot of the criticisms you guys have. There’s essentially going to be no more points gear and valor points will only be used to raise the ilvl of gear to an extent. People that actually want the best, unique looking gear actually have to raid. They are also designing the world in such a way as to promote world pvp again. Bringing back world bosses is also a nice feature. Additionally challenge modes offer a new way to test people’s skills.

I don’t know if you guys don’t like how Pandaria looks because it appears “childish” but if you actually look past the surface it’s the WoW we know and love.

In my opinion WoWcrendor says it best,

I’ve thought about playing based on the fact that the Pandaren are the single coolest race in all of fantasy history and holy**** I miss wc3 lol. But, then I remember it’s Blizzard and it’s WoW and it’ll suck.

Yeah, I still don’t know. They’re addressing the easiness of getting epics, you say?

It was just way different in vanilla. Burning Crusade was amazing, too. There’s something I don’t like about the simplification of the talent trees, too. Maybe I haven’t read enough on the next expansion.

TBC was easily my favorite period in WoW as well, and many of the MOP beta testers are saying it actually feels a lot like TBC.

I thought the talent trees were a little stupid at first also, but they are essentially just spreading out class progression so it doesn’t rely so heavily on the talents.

I tried WoW for about 2 weeks then got bored of it. I could not get into the game at all.

It’s definitely not for everybody. I know I am the same way with Heroes of Newarth.

Yeah. There was just some appeal of vanilla WoW. I don’t quite know what it was, maybe it’s just nostalgia building it up more than it was. It just seemed like the community in general was better. It’s probably just the ease of getting gear that really ruined it for me. When you saw someone in T2, you know they worked a long time to get it.

Well with the new system, it seems if you see someone in Tier 14 gear, you will know that they earned it. I also wouldn’t say that the community was better, it’s just that the community was newer.

In other news, I just traded a Dota 2 invite for one month of WoW gametime, still have one more invite that I am hoping to trade. I get my WoW time without paying, lmao.

Haha, that’s awesome. I think if it were a reduced rate I’d probably come back. I think you’ve changed my opinion quite a bit on the new expansion.

Someone managed to find one of the new world bosses in beta, pretty slick model.

Ooh, nice. I do like how they’re redoing the character models too. That’ll help with the outdated look.

It’s too bad the models likely won’t be out for MOP release, but at least they are getting it done.

A lot of the new zones have an outland feel to them. I think they really have outdone themselves in terms of creating immersive environments this expansion.



I just am not sold. I’m not spending 15 bucks a month for an MMO in today’s market. Fact of the matter is, I can spend nothing and get a just as good if not better gaming experience.

With games like LoL out, I can somewhat agree with you. My problem is that free mmo’s just overly constrain what you can do unless you pay extra. Even Guild Wars 2 which everyone was so hyped about is going in that direction. The fact that you can pretty much buy gold straight from Arenanet killed all my hopes for that game.

I am absolutely 100% okay with f2p games that allow you to buy gold. 100% okay with it. Someone wants to spend money on a game, let them. I was always okay with people buying gold in WoW, even my guild did it. We were going for world firsts and if you go for world firsts you HAVE to buy gold. You’d be spending more gold in a day for repairs than your average wow player would ever see.

The best system is the system LOTRO has, and every game out there should follow it. You never have to spend a dime. You can get everything and do everything. However, it’s way faster to buy it.

You basically can quest to get any items that normally have to be bought too.

The major problem is that you would be buying “gold” directly from arenanet. How the currency system in guild wars 2 is going to work is that there are effectively 3 currencies. There is the classic “gold”, karma points, and tradeable gems you can purchase from the store. The gems are not an item, but an actual currency. The real problem comes in that you can trade the one currency form for the other. Then prices on the auction house are not natural and are essentially just a bubble formed around the price you pay for the gems. This kind of thing just screams hell for the game economy.

Also I really don’t agree with having to buy gold to get world firsts. I will assume you are talking about WoW. The fact is gold is easier than ever to get and any player can easily amass hundreds of thousands of gold. It’s not even a small minority of people that have that quantity of gold.