Worst Clan Ever

Worst Clan Ever…

(Yes, this is a joke)

Firstly only level 100+ can join - Anyone level 100 or less not accepted.

Secondly, the price of admission is two dragon weapons and a dragon chain.

Thirdly, You must all give your passwords here. (This is for security)

Lastly, you must guess my mother’s maiden name.

All applications must be made on our website which will be up in four months.

Don’t miss the PK trip tonight! - (Details on website)

To become a target/enemy of our elite clan, simply read this topic. I’ll know who you are…

haha good one, not many people have d chains

OK I guess I’m in I have 2 dragon hallys and 5 dragon chains. I am level 129. My passwords are as follows: cool, site, man. I’m guess your mothers maiden name is mum! I have a time machine and have made an app. there as well. World 53 at varrock. I didn’t actually read this because I went back in time therefore I am not an enemy.

lol this is ffunyy