worst day in ruenscape

guys rember jungejim-or orcrist547 i was here round christmastime im him and im back-unfortuantly i was hacked.the first time i ever had dragon was today and i was hacked. lucifier666, spanky the pyro rember me? you helped me out a bit.guys can you help me out seriosuly junglejim got banned cause it was hacked but tht was 5 months ago,i mean wouldnt hurt to help please donate.
sorry guys but seriosuly i really need help.add orcrist547-guys i swear,i seriosuly was hacked.if you do not think im junglejim then my pass is kenoboy,
feel free to get on but tht acc is banned cause it was hacked.

not a smart move telling ppl ur pass… but i believe you.

hes right, but sry bout that