Worst way to make GP?

Well we’ve all heard the best way to make GP, but can any of you guys list the worst way to make GP?

I’ll start.

Begging people for GP :slight_smile:

(Haha no using already mentioned ones :wink: )

How about killing goblins, or killing chickens and selling their feathers

Sellnig full iron :smiley:

fethers sell good but killing gobs there is no money in them

That’s why it’s bad!

But goblins do actually drop money

collect all the dropped stuff that rich people don’t want at banks and stuff. lol once i got an ammy of power lol.

Collecting coins in varrock bank or varrock sewers (near red spiders)

Mining north of Sopanem (east of the pyramid)

getting bronze bars and selling them
merchanting with full bronze
selling shrimps
or craft body rune and selling them

just sitting back and doing nothing thends to make very little gp at all…

Telegrabbing iron swords in Varrock museum

ehh, well, I had to post this one:
Is really fun, but u dont get much ofter:
looting in wild :smiley: GOOD TIMES!

Begging… Easy lol… Otherwise, selling pickaxe sticks…

dancing for coins XD.

Giving away your money?

He said making money, not losing money…

by far the worst way is packing those bananas at karajama and only getting 30gp per box

No way, its selling axe sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Selling Buckets. :slight_smile:

noobs saying that they are selling thier lvl 3 files lol

selling newcomers map in front of lumby castle :smiley: