worste time for a genie..

lmao did that really happen? if so very nice! lol funny

yes it really did happen. IM dead serios. idk how to make all that stuff.
P.S. Im sory bout how big the shot is. Ithis is my very 3rd post. So…if anyone can tell me hwo to make it smaller…thank u

if ur using imageshack.us i dont know what the prob is

hilarious!!! i guess that’s why they call them RANDOM events… lol

I couldn’t agree any more.

Omg I feel bad for that dude, and what if he got either teleported to some random place, or he talked to the Genie and then got killed. lol.

He still had several lobbies with… but what is beyond me is why he has so much random crap in his inventory… u dont need all of that with you to kill elvarg.

thast me!!! i already killed elvarg. me and 2 other ppl where wacthign this guy fight him when the genie appeared…it was so funny

Rgh. I was just going to say that… Lol

ya that is a bad time for one

omg i hate when your fighting something big and something like that happens, 1 time i was doing the Lost City quest and i was fighting the Tree Spirit (101), and a old man teled me to a maze…i was sooo pisses!!!

can u even go back to the island where elvarg is? idk u can

lol, cool!

Personally, I think you should lower the size of your picture next time.

dude that sucks think wat could happen wen fightin’ the kaphilite queen or the kbd and u get an old man who takes u away during the short time inbetween when he is dead and resprawns

lol i would like smah my keyboard

it woudl b funny if an old man came and teled him to some random place leik the mime and the maze

Wow thats sux, what bad timing

lol it happend to my friend …but we were fighting lessers…lol she talkd to the old aman and got 1 of those boxs…she thought she would be ok and not die from the lesser wile solving the box…she was DEAD rong…at least she got all her armor back…but she got 200gp from that box lol

lol…that happened to me once too a few months ago…except i was getting owned by a lesser…the genie saved me wen i ran=P