Would you go to your Mom and dad's Christmas party or ply rs


um ra allthe way lol

X-Mas party, Playing RS is something you can always do.

um it depends. Which of my relatives are coming. wat time of day lol but most likely PPAARRTTYY!!

I guess the X-Mas party if you parents want you to be there… BTW, isn’t it a little too late for a Christmas party?

with my parents RS… :lol:

for me, it depends on who’s coming to the party, and when it is, but most likely partyyy :smiley:

it depends are kittens involved

definatelly party BTW wat do kittens have to do with it?

she just likes kittens? i dunno.

wait, theres a world OTHER than RS? I figured places like…Toronto…and… America were made up names…lol

Why do you have to choose? Buy a wireless laptop lol.

and there is a true rs fan for you lol that should go on the joke pages about when you play rs to much

This isnt hard.I think pepole get to ivolved with Runescape and forget the world around them.Which is the real world.Runescape is just for your free time.

Why do you guys say "Well otherwise it’s a PARTAYYY… It’s a Christmas party with your parents… It’s not like they’re going to let him chug beer all night long and do other things that I shouldn’t mention…

party dude! lets book metallica!

PARTY!!!of couse!!!

Yes, rs is fun, but don’t sacrifice your life just to play it. Go to the Christmas party!

go to the party and play runescape and go to the forums on rsr

lol hate to say this but runescape haha

I would go to the Christmas party because you can play runescape later. You might regret missing the Christmas party in the future just to play a game which you might not even like later.

          1. hmm… lets c, (runescape)!!! unless ur parents r mad at u for being on the comp to long =(