wow....i saw zezima

i was making nature runes and he came in and made some then went back out i said hi but he didnt awnser.but i acually saw zezima!!!yes

ok FIRST this was a worthless topic, about a hundred of these have been made, second so what? you saw another player? who cares third this should be locked


I CANT SEE THE PIC! its in screenshots


It’s not a really big deal to many people, but if it was to you then I hope you accomplished something. He probably didn’t answer because his chat was off.

yeah if i was him, id have friends only chat on…


I want to see self too

What amour do he has?

Please read rule 18… It says "do not moderate other players unless you are a mod. I know you were trying to help but report to a mod something like this, dont take it in your own hands.

Zezima gets bothered enough for being him, he doesn’t wear armor.

who cares if u saw zezima. do you thing your special?

ive seen zez before, he was wearing white robes with a god staff, i also saw him in the nature alter, so what?!

hey iced, i was hangin with him at gdz and blue drags in yanille, that looked alot like ranging armor he was in :wink: neat guy if you ask me.

lol they should make him an invisibilty cloak so that all the noobs dont run upto him and ask for stuff…

that would be awsome

You bet it would, or you could just have an option on the bottom of the screen where you have private chat, public chat, and trade/duel options there could also be a public visibility option only available outside of combat

I see him all the time in castle wars. In castle wars he wears full sara, full zammy, or full gilded. Usually dragon baxe

my friend saw him in castle wars too…zezima owned him it was a horrible sight…i wasnt there though…bit he told me about it…poor zezima so good but anti-social cause everyione is beggin him for stuff…lol

Actually zez is very “social” he talks decently when people talk to him and he is nice and friendly and overall a great guy, and i was suprised to learn that he never turns off his private or public chat, private is always on friends though is the reason you cant see it there hehe

lol one of my friends says that he lives nextdoor to zezima but im kinda questioning that

sigh when are you all going to learn that Zezima is just another player in Runescape? Woopty Doo! He’s good at the game, but he’s just another person playing Runescape.

Nothing more than a man…stop playing him off as a god… :x