Wow I'm a Genius

So the other day I was sitting on my bum playing runescape and I thought. “I wish I could own fools at a higher ferquency.” So I pondered over this problem for a while and I came to the conclution that I should be able to trip/knock down fools in runescape. The person triped (fool) would get a face full of dirt preferably mud then i would proceed to tear the fool limb from limb as they lay helpless on the ground crying like a 3 month old baby.

Good new combat technique??

A simple response… WTF?

wat is this suppose to be about?

Little to much nose candy, man.

uhhh interesting…yea interesting…

Eh… -.-


Lol I don’t know either.

:tired: wat the hell was that? more like a geni-@$$ to me:spit:

Lol, good way to put it. :tongue:

He wants to know how to kill people…

high attack and strength with low defence is the way to go

yeah, good way to put it.

dude, that idea sucks @$$. if they added that move, everyone would be on the ground and the game would suck.


lol nicely put

Wow you guys sure are being assholes oops I might not be able to say that.

thats not combat… thats manslaughter…

… This isn’t saw or a gory blood bath battle game … If they had that type of combat skill it would be rated mature 18+ which would wipe out most of runescape’s players ;-). Ask jagex to add this, if you want to start having to show proof of age and things. I’m over 18 but like the way we sign up and the battles we have now, tyvm :smiley:


Perfect example of why to stay in school kids…

Wicked… That made so much sence Sarcasm

Wwll done! Bravo! Claps like a maniac (Note: See if you can spot the sarcasm, it’s crawling al over this post now) it’s just weird -.-

lmao this is even stupider thread than ur eagleshit…

It was actually seagulls…

I’m pretty sure that my post makes perfect sense. Everyone on this thread must have the mental capacity of a three year old. Mabey I can explain my idea so you can understand. It will be hard but I guess I’ll have to try.


There should be an option to trip/knock down a other player in the wilderness. Jagex would have to put a limit on how many times you could do it. For example Make trip/knockdown a special attack for when you arent wielding a wepon. Of course your oponent would be able to “get up” but they would have to preform a task in order to. Sort of like what you have to do for the strange box.

If you still cannot understand we have failed as a human race.