wow im so dumb lol

i was selling mith swords (from mossies) to the general store and i accidentally sold my rune sword :duh:

wow thats too bad and embarising, hope you get another one :wink:

ya thaz kinda embarassing…lol. hope u get another…

lol well maybe next time u should be more careful…

mith=rune wdf??they look a bit same but be more aware nextime

It’s worse when you alch something by accident. I’ve alched my bow by accident and had to buy a new one.

Listen to skate ilkley he’s right about the high alching thing! Plus, next time just be aware of what you sell…

Shame…why diddn’t you just buy it back from the shop??

he might not have realized it until after he left…

Lol i wanna high- alch my mime outfit…see how much i get for it. u actually only get like 400gp for the red and blue Decorative C/W plate…waste of my nature rune.

Thats a shame, but always remember: It could have been worse.

why wasent your rune sword equipped? do you have a better weapon? hopefully you do

Ooh that sucks, I’ve made careless mistakes like that too…

ya why would u remove ur rune sword??

lol i high alched my rune scimmy before =\ i got 15k =D

lmfao hehehe

lol ive done that b4