Wow! Runecrafting is no longer my major money maker. I'm CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT!!

So much for my plan of getting 54 runecrafting and 66 magic (as well as one of my money makers) because of this:

Wow, only 2 kinds for rune ess and pure ess is just ummmm, will become REALLY RARE FOR MY PREDICTION. Pretty sure most of you heard this (although all of my ess is now pure :eek: ).

Anyways, I consider this to be unfair and makes runecrafter and magic training EVEN harder. In fact, I think rune prices is now rising rapidly. And made runecrafting WORSER than killing cows for money.

I’m calling for a boycott on this. To boycott. Don’t buy ANY essences and refuse to do runecrafting (nat and laws especially). Then later, Jagex will change the gloriful runecrafting back to normal. I know that Jagex is trying make those macroers and noobs lives harder but this update makes runecrafter lives even more harder.

i cant afford a boycott on this im a yew wood cutter and what hapens too runes happens too me

Oh god what are you blabbing (i would say something else, but filters prevent me) about now?

Wow big deal…

well as long as it makes macroing harder…its good

I doubt Jagex will change there minds and there is just no way you can get enough people to boycott anyway.

oh ill boycott this. Watch me in al-kharid!

Not only for macroers and cheaters but those who runecraft and mages who buy runes. Anyone notices rune prices skyrocketed a little bit?

he is just mad like so many others are

the way i see it is that we all should by from real players and not bots…
im lvl 30 so i get the good ess anyway and by the way autoers can still get to lvl 30 mining easy:duh:!!!

dude there not goign too pay for members most of them and gues what those auters arnt going too go away they will move too ther things wcing mining coal stuff alogn those lines

i find it funny how every update jagex makes some fools always take it the wrong way and turn something good bad.

Listen, go ahead and boycott rune essence, Jagex could careless if a few people did because if that was your major money maker, then i guess you wont be making good money.

Ha, I also have another one, and it is killing blue dragons for bones n hides!!

awesome you can spend 5 minutes per killing one of those! or if someone steals yours you can wait longer!

very true i didint think of it that way

Already posted…

That’s gay, now f2p can’t mine the good ess so prices will sky rocket. Friggin Fagex…

LMAO!!! true but “Fagex” i fixing so that as long as you have 30 mining u can get the good ess so the price will go down soon:D

Huh?? I’m a little confused… Do this update means that all my rune essences have been changed into pure essences and I can’t use them for Runecrafting? If so, that sucks… because I won’t be able to use the Runecrafting skill.

so whats the price for ess now?

Well from what I can tell, pure ess is 43 gp each. Yesterday people were selling ess in bulk like 27 each…

Dude, once again you are here complaining, you drive me ****!!! True you have to be mad at it but stop complaining!! Please!