Wow, this is really serious.

Two dedicated RSC players may have actually lost their lives to Jagex’s stubborn recklessness. Just check out the general RSC discussion place on the official RS forums. You can read my opinion on the matter there (remember, I’m actually Dagibit). The thread is titled "… holy crap, the thread has been hidden!

Two guys, one of whom has several (physical) medical conditions claimed that they were going to commit suicide tonight at midnight due to their hating RS2, not having any friends outside of runescape, and the one being banned for saying he was a mod for another forum site. I wish I had copyed the thread for you all, as I said alot. I may try re-writing later when I’m not so buisy.

Either way, both claim to have been playing before jagex and one having witnessed the first person to get lvl 99 in something.

This is scary.

wow thats just messed up!

dam the locked that thread, but i saw yours…

oooo thats freaky

commit a suicide?
this may be a mean thing to say but i think these guys are just wanting attention…i may be wrong…so dont flame me because what i said :slight_smile:

yeah i agree…you never know though

Someone committed suicide before due to Runescape when his party hat got scammed… it’s not a new thing… Still though, quite sad people would do that…

wow thats just insane. runescape is getting addicting and more addicting nowadays :smiley:

wow, you gotta be really addiceted to this game if your gonna kill your self over it

some ppl are just stupid i guesss to let a game control there lives but whatever as long as im not affected im fine

… <= Is all I can say to the comment above.

They could have been wanting attention, but chances are they weren’t. It’s not like one thing happens in a game and boom, your suicidle. They could have family problems and alot of real life crap to deal with… and the game just tipped them over the edge. You never know… But, that’s really sad to hear :(. Thought the post was going to be about something else, then read it…

commit suicide just over a game thats a bit childish

yer god who would commit suicide over a game thats just crazy and plz no1 laugh cause it aint funny (not sayin any1 has or will just plz dont)

Freaky deaky. ):

well said…well said

yer plus who were the rsc names?

Suicide is a very selfish thing, If they commited suiced then they are very selfish and deserved to die…


wow people get way into the game!

dam, theyd commit suicide over a game?! i feel kinda sad for them. but d l z’s got a point, theyre pretty selfish. theyd kill themselves, then they put theyre whole families into turmiol, over a game. why do they want to kill themselves anyways?

Ok, i’m going to insult that guy and Jagex now:

That guy: needs to get a life… Killing himself because of a game? If that’s the way he acted, that’s no wonder he had no friends.

Jagex: are total bastards when it comes to taking things seriously. They shouldn’t hide every thread they see whenever they like.

stupid emo attention seekers