WoW thread

THis Is the Offical thread of WoW psot naythign you want any questiosn or topics Ill start By Asking Warrior Vs 2 mages (all llv 40s) who wins?

PS GW ppl if u post pls have an opinions not a flame remark

Why do you make these topics when NOBODY CARES ABOUT WoW?

Arc, Some people play WoW and it has very good graphics but answer me this! Have you ever played WoW? I dont think so, so dont judge a book by its cover.

hmmmmm is this runescape or a game caalled WoW?

No its not Runescape its World of Warcraft…

Tell me, would you play a game for over 10 dollars a month and 50 dollars to buy. I certainly wouldn’t.

I certainly would, It has awesome graphics and a very good gaming system.

Arc Abviously u jsut want a fite…so stay out…maybe try a guest pass of WoW

Arch why do you always pick fights with WoW? If you hate WoW soo much why do you even bother to look at the threads???

Just Wondering Arch…

WoW question: I was wondering for hunters when you reach lvl 10 do you automaticly get the tame beast ability…or do you gotta train/buy it???

What i mean by tame beast is like getting wild beast to fight on your side!

Tell me do you see anybody asking How to play WoW? Should they get WoW?

Amazingly, most people don’t like wasting money.

for the Questiong You gotta get skill from trainer and get pet thats you level

where is the trainer???what city??? BTW im a nightelf

Dunno Try Darnuaus Sp? im horde so…yeah…

Lol speaking about horde a horde troll mage just raided Shadow Glen and the town next to it (forgot the name) yesterday he killed my charactrer 3 times…its obvious he hates me!!! Me and my friend tried to hide in building with lvl 55 PvP NPCs but he p00ned both NPCs and laughed at us while we trembled and hid in fear!!! LOL

Hmm shadow glen where is that :open_mouth:

Heh im gonna be playing WoW in a few days. I gonna be a night elf Rogue :smiley:

Night Elf? Rogue?! Well… Tendrassil (the Night Elven island) is incredibly slow, and Rogues are popping up everywhere. Go something unique, like an Undead Warlock :slight_smile: .

:slight_smile: NE hunter for life…

Me 2!!! though i do be a gnome mage occasionaly…MCC whats your hunters lvl???

Undead Wlk good choice or undead mage