Today I took the bus and some dude offered me some weed for $3 a joint(canadian)(cheap) but wtf…peeps even dealing on buses now…how dumb

LOL awesome, didn’t know you lived in canada im in BC myself

Holy… omg. What did you do?

Pretty Cheap…hope you said no

It’s about £8 for a bag of the stuff here in London, Don’t ask how i know that…

well hes right about 1 thing, its cheap, there 5$ canadian were i am :stuck_out_tongue:
but ppl will deal anywere just to get some cash…even in a classroom

Its probably because today is weed day.

todays the day?
hmm…there should have been more ppl infront of the school…

so many peeps in gravyard smoking it up today…4:20 (is you don’t knoiw wat 4:20 means its: international weed day, or something like that)

About 10 quid an eighth

Haha, access to this sorta stuff is outragous!

It’s 4 frickin’ 20, people! Get used to it!

Cause there are a lot of people packin’ teh Mary Jane today.

Myself not included. I’ve just seen so many 420 jokes today that I’m bordering on clinically insane, in the best way possible.

you think I didn’t know that?

dude, I participate in it…none of you guys should though it bad for you

See? AKA is the model citizen. Weed is bad for you, so to prevent us form doing it, he does it for us, so it’s harder for us to find weed to smoke! So therefore, we won’t smoke pot!

Good man, AKA. Good man.

ok but I’m sorry I’m not gonna help with getting rid of any other sort of drug because everyother drug is either usually laced with crytal meth or allready adictive as it is. I have seen cokcain being made…the maker puts wat ever he wants in it…poisons, laudry deturgent, any to addict you…drug are horrible trust me I have seen it all but have not done it all

wow man thats cheap (i live in canada too)

ya but I had no cash :\ lol