"Writing" Thread

There’s one for stories and tales. How about one to compare writing, help editing, suggestions, stuff like essays, speeches, etc.? And yes, I’m currently writing two essays and a speech, which is why I thought of it.

I’m pretty surre this is covered by the Stories and Tales section.

well no actually, a poem or speech is neither a stoy or a tale, maybe they should call it creative writing forum.

Or even just the writing board I suppose.

yeah, so it’s not so specific

Yes, As Andy said its covered with Stories and Tales …

Publish your Stories & Tales of fiction or reality.
I see no text relating to writing pieces or speeches, poetry. Stories and tales are the same thing, of fiction or reality is genre. A piece of poetry wouldn’t be stories and tales. This is one type of thing RE excels at, while RSR is left in the dust.

Err, what about re-naming the Stories and Tales forum to Litterature? That would be alot easier.